About Us


Omantravelvisa.com is an affiliate of Tunisia Gate Travel and Tourism. It was created for the purpose of promoting tourism in the Sultanate of Oman while simplifying the tourist visa application process hence lightening the load of the tourist’s travel experience in the country.

Tunisia Gate Travel and Tourism is a Travel Company in Oman established in February of 2011. With years of experience in the Travel Industry of the country,
we provide multiple services that cater to various segments of the global travel market,offering flights, hotels, vacation packages both inbound and outbound, car rentals and tourist visa processing services among many other things.


With a vast array of competencies ranging from knowledge, skill, expertise, network and experience, our current position presents an advantage to provide flexible and customized services to suit your requirements and expectations. Our trusted reputation and reliability has made us one of the most sought after travel companies in the Sultanate of.

We are currently expanding our alliance with various yet select and reliable travel agencies, organizations, hotels and transport companies locally and worldwide.
Widening our reach while strengthening our core towards providing the best travel experience possibly desired by our huge client base. Depending on how your trip may aim to be, vacation, educational, business or medical, our highly dedicated staff are trained to provide you with the product or service you may require.