MORALFIBRE fabrics free the environment from pollution and depletion and free people from poverty’
MORALFIBRE active from 2012, works to re-invent and promote age old hand crafted fabrics Khadi .
which is unique to India and a significant part of world textile history.
These fine hand spun, hand woven, 100% natural / biodegradable fabrics, use one fifth water and they are almost carbon neutral; they are energised by hands of the spinners and weavers instead.
A member of Fair Trade Forum, India, a part of WFTO Asia, we help support over 2500 artisans.
MORALFIBRE provides all necessary services for textile design, development and manufacturing; it has facilities for dyeing, printing, as well as tailoring provided by small independent artisan units.
Along with local markets, the fabrics and our services are made available in several countries.


MORALFIBRE believes that by promoting sustainable textile industry and fair trade in a transparent and committed way, we will be able to fulfill our promise to our people to bring them above the poverty line. We can do this without costing the earth!


Today, with growing concerns about global warming, climate change and need to support human dignity of workers, this is a unique way of fabric making, clean Energy and sustainable initiative.
We believe that the principles of hand craftd and other sustainable fabrics as well as the ethical and social velues behind Khadi are even more relevant today.
MORALFIBRE is at the forfront of promoting sustainability and transparancy  in the textile industry worldwide.
Along with natural, organic and biodegradable fabrics, now MORALFIBRE has taken first steps in introducing circularity in textiles and clothes we wear.

Carbon Neutral
Water Efficiency
No harmful chemicals
Pollution Reduction
No depletion of
finite resources
Use of organic cotton
in some products
Energy Efficiency
Animal Friendly
Allergy free
Sustainable Business


Decent Working Conditions – mostly work from home

Ethical Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

Supporting Traditional Skills

Revive heritage

De-centralized, people based production

Sustainable Business Practices

Organic Fabrics
Worldwide Delivery
Wholesale Discounts